Visa/MasterCard Payments

Visa/MasterCard Accepted @ MCS Handpiece Ltd.

How To Pay with Visa or Mastercard:

     Simply call our office (604) 575-8544 to pay with your credit card. We need your credit card number, expiry date, and the CVV2 number located at the back of the card. Credit Card will be processed on the business day. We can email you a receipt, or simply watch out for "MCS Handpiece" on your credit card statement.

     If you wish, you can also fill out our form below. We will then collect the information and process your payment. Please state if you would like us to email you a receipt.


Credit Card Payment Submission Form


Thank You For Your Payment!


Visa or Mastercard Authorization

     We can also add you to our "Credit Card on Account" list. This means that we add your credit card information that you authorize us to keep on your file. Once you approve a repair quote, once it is invoiced, we will charge your credit card that you have authorized us to charge. We will then send you a paid Invoice, and the Credit Card Receipt along with your repaired handpieces. If your interested in authorizing your credit card information to be added to your account and agree to the terms that we had just listed, please fill in the form below.

Visa/MC Authorization Request.