Miscellaneous Discontinued Products

     In addition to our product line are, our Discontinued Product Section is handpieces that have been discontinued by the manufacturer, which we have excess stock. This is a great place for some good deals! 

Single Handpieces
MK Dent

MK Dent Low Speed Heads:

LBH11C Low Speed Head

(Basic Line, BB, Latch Head, NSK Comp)

In Stock: 1   $90 ea.

LS0091 Low Speed Head

(Basic Line, Latch Head, NSK Comp)

In Stock: 2   $185 ea.

LS9021 Low Speed Head 

(Classic, PB, 2:1, Latch Head, Kavo Comp)

In Stock: 1   $400 ea.

LS9016 Low Speed Head

(Classic, PB, 1:1, Latch Head, Kavo Comp)

In Stock: 1   $400 ea.

MK Dent Contra Angles:

LS0021 Low Speed Angle 

(NSK Compatible, 1:1, Contra Angle)

In Stock: 1   $90 ea.

LS2011 Low Speed Angle

(Kavo Compatible Contra Angle)

In Stock: 4   $340 ea.

LS2011L Low Speed Angle

(Kavo Compatible, Optic, Contra Angle)

In Stock: 1   $500 ea.

MK Dent High Speed Couplers:

QC4014K 4 Hole 

(4 hole, Non-Optic, Kavo Compatible)

In Stock: 1   $140 ea.

QC5015K 5 Hole

(5 hole, Glass Rod, Kavo Compatible)

In Stock: 2   $250 ea.

QC5015W 6 Hole 

(6 hole, LED, W&H Compatible)

In Stock: 0   $280 ea.

QC5016KW 5 Hole 

(6 hole, Xenon, Kavo Compatible)

In Stock: 2   $320 ea.

MK Dent Air Motors:

AM0004 Air Motor 

(Basic Line, 4 hole, Kavo/NSK Compatible)

In Stock: 1   $285 ea.

AM1014 Air Motor

(Classic Line, 4 hole, Kavo/NSK Compatible)

In Stock: 1   $575 ea.

Handpiece Experts

Handpiece Experts High Speed:

Air Power LN Highspeed

(Optic, 3 Spray, NSK Comp)

In Stock: 1   $995 ea.

Handpiece Experts Low Speed:

E-Power 40L Electric

(Optic, 1:1, Latch head)

In Stock: 1   $1,300 ea.


Sirona Low Speed:

C200L Electric

(Optic, 3 Spray, Latch head)

In Stock: 1   $1,900 ea.

Sirona High Speed Coupler:

 Sirona Coupler 

(5 Hole, Glass Rod, Sirona Comp)

In Stock: 1   $750 ea.


NSK Air Scaler:

NSK AS2000 Air Scaler

(Optic, 3 Spray, Latch head)

In Stock: 2   $500 ea.


Sabra High Speed Coupler:

C-4, 4 Hole 

(4 Hole, Non-Optic, NSK Comp)

In Stock: 1   $200 ea.

Package Deals!


NSK Pana Max Highspeed  

(Non-Optic, MW Connection)

(Package of 6) $1,400 per Package

2 Packages Available!

MK Dent: 

HE22N Highspeed

(Non-Optic, Small head, NSK)

(Package of 3) for $1,350 per Package

3 Packages Available!

HB23KL Highspeed

(Optic, Mini head, Kavo Compatible)

Buy 3, Get 1 Free) for $2,100 per Package

1 Package Available!

Price Effective: January 1st, 2019

*Prices Can Change Without Notice*

While Supplies Last.
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