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Payment Options!

Visa & MC Acceptance @ MCS Handpiece Ltd.
eTransfer Acceptence @ MCS Handpiece Ltd.
PayPal Acceptence @ MCS Handpiece Ltd.
EFT Payment Acceptence @ MCS Handpiece Ltd.
Cheque Acceptance @ MCS Handpiece Ltd.

We have some easy ways to keep your account up to date!

Our Hours of Operation are 8am - 2pm, Monday - Friday. 

Closed on Weekends & Statutory Holidays. 

All of our contact information is available on our Contact Us page.

You will need some account information.

This is found on the Top Right Hand Corner of your invoice.

Example; Sample #1.

Sample of; Account ID

(Sample #1)

Account Statements

     We send Account Statements to Any Account that has an Over Due Invoice over 30 days past the Invoice Date. Statements are printed & Sent out Every Monday. If you have sent in Payment and still received a statement; Unfortunately, we either have not received your payment yet, or the payment has been made just after the Statements have been mailed. If this is the case, please either disregard the statement, or give our office a call  or email to check up on your account! 


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