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Payment Options!

PayPal Accepted
eTransfer Accepted
EFT Payment

We have some easy ways to keep your account up to date during these difficult times we are all facing.

Our Temporary Hours of Operation are 8am - 2pm, Monday - Friday. Closed on Weekends & Statutory Holidays. Until further notice. 

All of our contact information is available on our Contact Us page.

You will need some account information. This is found on your invoice, Top right hand corner. Or see the example.

Sample "Account ID"

Sample of  MCS Handpiece's Invoice"Account ID"

Paying with Visa & Mastercard:
Visa & MC Acceptance

Simply call our office (604) 574-8544 to pay with your credit card. We need your credit card number, expiry date, and the CVV2 number located at the back of the card. Credit Card will be processed on the business day. We can email you a receipt, or simply watch out for "MCS Handpiece" on your credit card statement.

NEW!  Paying with PayPal:


We have added PayPal to our Payment Options! ​

Go to Please send the Total Invoice Amount to MCS Handpiece Ltd. Once we receive your payment and applied it to your account, we will send you a receipt via email that is on your account. If you have any questions in regards to PayPal Payments, please email us at

PayPal Accepted
Paying with Cheque:

Send us a cheque made payable to "MCS Handpiece Ltd" for the Invoice Amount and note the Invoice Number at the bottom of the cheque to ensure payment is applied to the correct account. Please make sure the Cheque is made out to "MCS Handpiece Ltd" as our bank does not allow any other name to appear on the cheque to be cashed, to prevent Fraud. If we receive a Cheque made out to"MCS Handpiece Repair", we will have to send it back to have a new cheque reissued with the correct name. Cheques will be applied to your account the same day as it was received. We do a large deposit on the last day of each month.

Sample Cheque
Paying with Electronic Funds Transfer:

If your office uses Electronic Funds Transfer, please forward your application to We will fill out our banking information and have it returned to the email you have provided, quickly for processing.​

EFT Payment
Paying with Interac E-Transfer:
eTransfer Accepted

We have recently added Interac E-Transfer to out list of payment options. 

Please email us at and we will give you instructions on how to send us payment on your account.


We hope these Payment Options help with social distancing, and makes paying our accounts a little safer for all of us!

Stay Safe!


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Wednesday, Nov 11th: Closed

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MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
EFT Payment
MCS Handpiece Repair, Locally Owned & Operated
MCS Handpiece Repair, Locally Owned & Operated