Handpiece Repair 
Services & Procedures.

MCS Handpiece Repair's 6 Month Warranty
MCS Handpiece

Handpiece Repair Services Include:
(Air Powered or E-Type Connections)

  • Warranty Tracking

    • We check each handpieces' history. 

      • Each time your handpiece came in to our office, what was repaired, and when the expiry date on the purchase; expires.

  • Assessment of Handpiece

    • Test Chuck Holding Strength up to 5 lbs. of Pull

      • loose burs/hard to seat burs​

    • Test functionality of Bearings

      • Vibration/Chattering/Heat​

    • Test Air/Water Lines

      • Leaks/Clogs​

    • Check Handpiece Shell

      • Any visible shell damage​

  • Repair of Handpiece

    • Disassemble Handpiece

    • ​Repair/Replace Parts as Quoted
    • Clean Sub Assembly

      • Spindle/Chuck/Impeller if applicable​

    • Clean Internal Parts of the Handpiece

      • Head & Body

        • Using Ultrasonic Cleaner when needed​

    • Reassemble Handpiece​

We Repair Kavo Brand!
We Repair NSK/Brasseler Brand!
We Repair W&H/A-Dec Brand!

Handpiece's We Specialize in & Repair.

We Repair MidWest Brand!
Star Dental
We Repair Sirona Brand!
We Repair SciCan Brand!
We Repair Beyes Brand!
We Repair Lares Brand!
We Repair MK Dent Brand!
We Repair Wolf Brand!
We Repair Palisades Dental/Impact Air Brand!
  • Repaired Handpiece Assessment Test:

    • Chuck Holding Test;

      • Passes 5 lbs. of Pull

    • Bearing Function Test​
      • No Vibration, No Chattering, No Heat​
    • Air/Water Line Function Test​

      • No Leaks, No Clogs, Air/Water functioning well.

  • Lubricate Handpiece

  • Warranties

    • 6 Month Warranty on Parts Installed

      • Exemptions: Screws, O-rings, ext.

    • All Services Do Not Come with a Warranty
      • Including: All Cleaning's, Adjusting, Lubricating & Testing of Handpieces & Accessories Not Included in Warranty.
    • Warranties

      • Warranty Expiry Dates are located on your invoice, underneath each handpiece listing.​​

MCS Handpiece's Repair Pricing!
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