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This Page is dedicated to MCS's New Clients. An introduction to our Handpiece Repair Procedure.

Once you have sent your repairs to us a few times, it becomes much easier!

Shipping To MCS Handpiece.

Our Shippin Policy: We Pay One Way, You Pay One Way

If Your Office Is Located in the Lower Mainland, BC:

When you have a handpiece for repair, please send it through MTS Logistics on your account. Once the repair is approved, handpiece is repaired, we will send the repaired handpiece back to you on our MTS Logistics account.

How to Send your Handpieces to MCS Handpiece Repair
How to Send your Handpieces to MCS Handpiece Repair

If Your Office is Located outside of the Lower Mainland, BC or Outside the Province:

When you have a handpiece for repair, please email or call us and we will set up a "Collect Pick Up Request" with ICS Courier for you. This is done using our ICS Courier account. Once your handpiece is repaired, we will then ship the repaired handpiece back to you on our ICS Courier account. Our shipping policy is " We pay one way, You pay one way". There will be a shipping charge applied to your invoice. If you would like to use a different courier service or your own ICS Courier account at your cost, great! We will not charge you shipping.

For More Information on Shipping, Please see our Shipping Page for More Details.

Holiday Hours:

Holiday Hours:

Handpiece Repair Quotes

MCS Handpiece Repair

Filling Out The MCS Repair Form:

Please fill out the MCS Handpiece Repair Form, with all your information. Doctor's or Practice name, address, phone number, email address. We double check each repair form with the account on file. If there's any discrepancies, we will contact you.  Please inform us of the handpiece make, model number and what problem your having with the handpiece. Please fill out if you would like us to call, fax, or email your repair quote. Or simply "Go ahead and Repair". Meaning we will go ahead and repair your handpiece, invoice and ship it back to you with no call.

Handpiece Repair Quotes.

When requested, we will send you a handpiece repair quote. This entails what work needs to be done on each handpiece and How much it will cost. We can either call you with the phone number you provided on the repair form, or on our account. We can also send you the quote via email. Our repair quotes will be in PDF format. We will email to the email you have provided on the repair form.

Approving the Handpiece Repair Quote:

When you reach the decision weather to approve the repair quote sent or deny, please either email us at or give us a call at (604) 575-8544. Please let us know who is approving the repair. Preferably the person who is listed as the contact on the repair form sent with the repairs, or a person on behalf of the doctor. Once we receive approval, we will do our best to give you an estimation on when your handpieces will be repaired, when they will be shipped/leave our office and when we believe you should receive your repaired handpieces.

Please see our Downloads Page to Download our MCS's Repair Order Form, plus Many More Helpful Downloads!

MCS Handpiece Repair Form


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      As you are a New Client, and we are starting a new business relationship, we do ask for payment before handpieces are shipped. You will receive a Receipt, and the Paid Invoice with your returned handpiece. Your account will then be placed on NET Terms 30 Days.

   We Only Collect Payment Upfront for Invoices Totaling $1,000 & Over, New Clients, and Clients whom have not used our services for over than 1 calendar year.

For More Information on Payment, Please see our Payment Options Page for More Details.