• consists of a chuck mechanism, impeller, and high speed bearings. A turbine is the inner workings of a high speed handpiece that can be rebuilt. The bearings can be removed and replaced with brand new high speed bearings.







  • consists of a chuck mechanism, impeller and high speed bearings. A cartridge is either encased in a steel housing that cannot be taken apart. Or the bearings and the chuck mechanism are a one piece unit. A cartridge is non-rebuildable. The bearings cannot be removed and replacement of the whole cartridge is the only solution to bearing failure.



  • the part of a high speed turbine that is shaped like a fan.

  • The impeller uses the air forced into the handpiece to make the bearings turn, and the turbine/cartridge thus turning the bur.

Chuck Mechanism

  • is a part of any handpiece that holds the bur in place.

  • this can be called a "chuck" or a "spindle".



Back Cap

Push Button



  • part of the outer shell of any handpiece. It’s located at the back of the head where the button is pushed to release the bur. This holds in the turbine/cartridge in place while in use.

Drive Shaft


  • a part of an low speed handpiece/ slow speed electric handpiece that connects the head to the angle.

  • the drive shaft is roughly 5 centimeters long

Dog Gear

NSK Ti-85L

  • a part of a slow speed electric handpiece that is located at the bottom of the handpiece. This part connects to the motor and to the drive shaft helping the series of gears to move thus turning the bur.

  • the dog gear is roughly 4 centimeters long

Intermediate Gear

  • This gear is found in some models of slow speed electric handpieces. A small gear situated at the midpoint of the handpiece. This gear transmits torque to the bur.

  • Intermediate gear is less than a centimeter long.

KaVo 25LPA


Highspeed O-rings

  • Also known as a gasket, an o-ring is a type of seal. O-rings are found in all handpieces. They are found in the back end of handpieces and seals all parts of the air/water lines. They are also found in the heads of handpieces sealing the air in the handpiece helping the impeller turn.

Chip Air/Water Lines

  • They are duel lines found in most high speed and slow speed electric handpieces with internal water. The air line carries air to the turbine/cartridge giving the high speed handpiece it’s torque. The water line carries water to the spray ports on the front of the handpiece head.


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MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments