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Understanding Highspeed Bearings.

Handpiece Maintenance by MCS Handpiece Ltd
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Tips To Make Sure Your High Speed Bearings Last.

- Do Not Subject Bearings to Temperatures Over 130 Degrees Celsius, No More than 5 Min.

     The bearing retainer is generally made of plastic. If this plastic sees temperatures over 132 degrees Celsius, the retainer will warp and melt. This will cause the bearing to wobble, and distort shape. Sometimes this will cause excessive heat.

- Do Not Reuse Burs.

     Used burs are often slightly bent. These bent burs will wobble at high speeds. This wobbling action will crack the bearing retainer, causing the bearing itself to wobble and fail.

- Make Sure Your Handpiece is Well Lubricated.

     If the handpiece is not lubricated, debris will find its way into the bearing retainer and act like a cement between the bearing retainer and the ball bearings. Lubricating the handpiece at least once a day will help flush out the debris, and lubricate the bearing retainer and the ball bearings thus resulting in longer life.

- ​Check our Main Causes of Handpiece Failure for Details.​
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