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Handpiece Lubricating Procedure

MCS Handpiece Repair's Handpiece Maintenance

We have a solution to help prevent rust damage and hopefully keep your handpiece running for a long time.

Handpiece Lubricating Procedure.

Items Needed:

1:   A container big enough for handpieces to sit in completely, with corresponding lid.

2:   A zip lock bag big enough for handpieces to fit in, and be securely closed.

3:   Enough Lubricant to fully submerge handpiece in container. 

4:   A secure place to keep handpiece. 

Lubricate & Soak Handpiece/Air Motor.

A:   Detach Handpiece from unit tubing.

B:   Clean Handpiece after use.

C:   Soak Handpiece/Air Motor in Lubricant. Using a small tupperware container with a lid, pour lubricant into the container submerging the air motor and placing the lid back onto the container. Soak the Handpiece/Air Motor over night. 

D:   The next day, remove Handpiece/Air Motor from the lubricant and place into a ziplock bag. Do not sterilize the Air Motor yet. Let the lubricant stay on the  Handpiece/ Air Motor. Leave until Handpiece/Air Motor is needed. 

E:   The day before the Handpiece/Air Motor is needed, Sterilize as needed.

F:    After use of Handpiece/Air Motor, Repeat Steps A through E.

We recommend to Soak your Handpieces in Lubricant Over Night, at least Once a Month.
This will help remove stuck on debris and saturate bearings for longer life.
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