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Free Spin Your Turbine!

Handpiece Maintenance by MCS Handpiece Ltd

   Ever find that your handpiece’s turbine is stuck in one position right after sterilizing? You may have just gotten your handpiece repaired, and the bur doesn’t turn? The issue is that the turbine does not have enough lubricant in the bearings. You may have already lubricated the handpiece before it had been sterilized. The sterilizer can evaporate lubricant. 

   We have a quick solution that will help fix this problem. Free Spin your turbine. Follow the steps below, and you will not have to send your handpiece in for repair. This will definitely save on shipping costs.

Free Spin Your Turbine!
MCS Handpiece Ltd's - Reconditioned & Discontinued Handpiece Sales - Accessories

Step 1:  Insert a Bur or Shipping Post into the Chuck, & Attach the Corresponding Coupling to the handpiece.

Step 2:  Using the Small of the 2 Largest Holes on the Coupling attachment, Spray 2 Second Spray or 4 Drops of Lubricant into thehandpiece. (using Health Canada/FDA Approved Mineral Oil Lubricant)

Step 3: Using your Index Finger & Thumb, hold the Bur or Shipping Post & Spin the Turbine. The bearings should come loose & will allowthe turbine to spin.

Step 4: Once bearings are spinning freely, attach to a chair and purge the handpiece. You may nd black oil coming from the chuck.This is normal. If black oil continues to come out, Repeat Step 2 Until Black Oil Become Clear.

Step 5: Sterilize handpiece as per Manufacturer's Instructions.

MCS Handpiece Ltd's - Reconditioned & Discontinued Handpiece Sales - Accessories

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