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MCS Handpiece's Recycling Program!

MCS Handpiece's Recycling Program!

Spring Clean Your Handpiece Junk Drawer!

We Keep Your "Not Worth Repair" Handpiece, and give you a Discount on another Handpiece Repair.

1 Recycle Handpiece for a Discount on 1 Handpiece. 1 for 1!

  • 5% Off Low Speed Handpieces to be Taken Off Low Speed Handpiece Repair’s Only.

  • 10% Off Highspeed Handpieces to be Taken Off Highspeed Handpiece Repair’s Only.

  • 15% Off Electric Highspeed Handpieces to be Taken Off Electric Highspeed Handpiece Repairs Only.

  • For Handpiece Examples, See Back of Coupon, or visit:

For Complete details, please visit:

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