Handpiece Repair 

All Parts installed, come with a 6 Month Warranty.
MCS Handpiece Repair's 6 Month Warranty
Handpiece Maintenance

Our Handpiece Repair Services Include:

  • Warranty Tracking

  • Repaired Handpiece Assessment Test

    • Chuck Holding Test;

      • Passes 5 lbs of Pull

    • Bearing Function Test​
      • No Vibration, No Chattering, No Heat​
    • Air/Water Line Function Test​

      • No Leaks, No Clogs, Air/Water functioning well.​​

  • Assessment of Handpiece

    • Test Chuck Holding Strength up to 5 lbs of Pull

      • loose burs/hard to seat burs​

    • Test functionality of Bearings

      • Vibration/Chattering/Heat​

    • Test Air/Water Lines

      • Leaks/Clogs​

    • Check Handpiece Shell

      • Any visabable shell damage​

  • Repair of Handpiece

    • Disassemble Handpiece

    • ​Repair/Replace Parts as Quoted
    • Clean Sub Assembly

      • Spindle/Chuck/Impeller if applicable​

    • Clean Internal Parts of the Handpiece

      • Head & Body

        • Using Ultrasonic Cleaner when needed​

    • Reassemble Handpiece​

  • Lubricate Handpiece

  • Warranties

    • 6 Month Warranty on Parts Installed

      • Exemptions: Screws, O-rings, ext.

    • All Services Do Not Come with a Warranty
      • Including: All Cleaning's, Adjusting, Lubricating & Testing of Handpieces & Accessories Not Included in Warranty.
    • Warranties

      • Warranty Expiry Dates are located on your invoice, underneath each handpiece listing.​​

We Wanted to be Honest, and Show our Repair Pricing.

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*Repair Pricing Can Change Without Notice*

MCS Handpiece Repair Form
MCS Handpiece Repair Form

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Monday, May 24th: Closed

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Thursday, June 3rd: Closed

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MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
MCS Handpiece Repair, Accepted Payments
EFT Payment
MCS Handpiece Repair, Locally Owned & Operated
MCS Handpiece Repair, Locally Owned & Operated