Price Adjustments

Attention!   Price Adjustments

Updated: January 2nd, 2022


Due to the ongoing pandemic & part shortages; this has contributed to tripling our costs in shipping, and doubling our parts 
expense. We are forced to increase prices on some repairs, and shipping prices. 
January 1st 2022, we will have to increase some handpiece repairs & shipping prices.  

Please see below for details


-  New Turbine Rotor's for NSK Model Highspeed's:          $359 plus taxes on OEM NSK Turbines    

-  New Turbine Rotor's for All other Highspeed's:  

        Remain the same, $289 plus taxes


-  Repairs for Electric Low Speed's:

        Plus a minimum $10 increase in Electric Low Speed Repairs    

-  ICS Courier Return Shipping: $25 plus taxes

-  MTS Logistics Collect Requests: $25 plus taxes  


Unfortunately, this was a difficult decision but a necessary change to make. 
We will always do our best to give you Less Expensive Alternative Options. There is always options! 
We will always continue to service you with the best quality repairs with our honesty and best customer service!