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MCS Handpiece Repair, New Handpieces, Handpiece Sales, Used Handpieces, Reconditioned Handpieces
MCS Handpiece Repair, New Handpieces, Handpiece Sales, Used Handpieces, Reconditioned Handpieces
MCS Handpiece Repair, New Handpieces, Handpiece Sales, Used Handpieces, Reconditioned Handpieces

Modern Precision Dental Instruments


Modern Precision Dental Instruments Co.,Ltd is a High-Tech Medical Instrument Corporation approved by FDA of Guangdong Province. Their handpieces is Health Canada Approved. It is the only Cutting edge technology corporation in Foshan City to strategically combine extensive R&D, Manufacturing and Sales in the modern dental science field. Modern Precision’s aim is to develop cost effective products that meet our customer's exacting demands in the oral clinical field.


Modern Precision’s product line of high-speed turbine and low-speed precision hand-pieces are built with superior technology.


Modern Precision’s professional, technically trained staff use advanced manufacturing systems with computer-aided design and PDM(product Date Management). Each detail is carefully machined using manufacturing and testing  equipment from Switzerland, Germany and Japan,


By focusing on our customers' needs, we are able to deliver high quality dental products that gains trust.


Modern Precision Dental hopes the users of our products are regarded by the experience of the unique design, performance excellence and quality of our fine products.


Modern Precision Dental’s goal is to contribute to our customers  success in the oral and dental healthcare industry.


Modern Precision Dental Instrument Co.,Ltd, is a subsidiary of Malinda Precision Component Co.,Ltd Malinda Precision Components specializes in manufacturing high precision focus has been on precision component machining and is diverse large-scale technological company. Our organization is located in Shishan Industrial  Park,Nanhai District of Foshan City and Spans an area fo 16,000 square meters

Our complete line of Modern Precision Products


MK-Dent HC21KL Highspeed Handpiece
MK-Dent LS2015L Low Speed Handpiece

     MK Dent handpieces are designed and manufactured to stringent European standards, yet available at very affordable prices giving you the most value and confidence for your money.


     MK Dent handpieces feature high power turbines that are balanced and concentric allowing for a longer lifespan and sterilization resistant fiber optic glass rods for optimal visibility. Each MK Dent handpiece is ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and ceramic bearings used provide for a quiet, vibration-free operation. The push-button chuck system allows for quick, safe and easy switching between burs.


     Wth MK Dent high speed handpieces, you can choose among 3 different head sizes and powers for your specific need. You can also choose between a single port and a triple port spray cooling system. Both facilitate prevention of thermal damage to the teeth. MK Dent offers 3 special designs to choose from: Prime, Classic, and Basic.


     MK Dent offers couplers compatible with most major brands of handpieces; e.g., KaVo, Sirona, W&H, NSK, Bein Air and Star.


     MK Dent handpieces are very reasonably priced giving you much more value for your money. Get an MK Dent handpiece now and start experiencing the difference.

Our complete line of MK Dent Products


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